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12 of 12

Tue, 09/12/2006 - 5:00PM by the17thman 0 Comments -
Chad Darnell's 12 of 12</a>.</p>

If you are new to 12 of 12 - here are the basics:


2) After you post your pictures onto a webpage of your choice (Livejournal, typepad, MySpace, Flickr, etc...) please post the TIME, LOCATION, and A SMALL COMMENT in the pic.

3) You own the rights to all of your pictures. The idea "12 of 12" is mine. While credit is not necessary, please don't credit someone else with the idea.

4) The original concept was at least one body part in the picture. That idea was slowly faded away. The important part is that it is 12 pics.

5) The monthly Bonus pic is a 13th picture and is optional. (This time around the bonus pic is based on the word "break")"


1st Picture: Waking Up and Getting Going:  Before heading to the gym I take a few minutes to catch up on the news, read the paper and put my sneakers on.  Although I wake up about 5:20 I don't get actually get to the gym to about 6am.Dscn3050_2

2nd Picture:  Ahh...breakfast.  Just got back from the gym and I'm hungy and feeling a good burn.  Today it's egg beaters, turkey bacon and cheese burrito finsihed off with a Muscle Milk shake.
I'm out of protein mix and juice so I stopped at 7/11 and got a Muscle Milk shake instead. 

3rd Picture:  News.  And more news.  A few of today's pictures are of televisions as I spend almost every waking hour in front of a televsion.  From home to the gym to the office to home and the last thing I see before I go to sleep is a televsion.  The only other thing I look at more often is a computer.

4th Picture:  Post shower and dried off.  Okay so between 7:34 and about now sometime about 8:10 is normally the time I...um...pull the curtains in the living room and watch a gay porn movie and take care of any built up stress.  But not today.  While eating breakfast and watching the news I lost track of time.  Damn!  Although if you notice one of my nipple rings is a bit askew...a little playing around might of happened or not.  Okay here are two pictures so make that <strong>4 and 5.


6th Picture:  I'm at work and the first thing I do is turn on the television and watch more news.  Hey I might have missed something in my four block drive to the office.  Notice my snow globe collection around my television.  Also notice the wonderfull LA weather.

7th Picture:  Realizing that today is September 12th and my father's birthday is September 16th I rushed to find a gift for him online.  Wine it is!  And with the Dog House Collection from Wine.com he gets three bottles of wine and his dog gets a frisbee and biscuits.  Done and done!

8th Picture:  Lunch!  Leftover indian take out it is.

9th Picture:</strong> If it's betwen 1pm and 2pm it can only mean one thing:  Days of Out Lives!  Hey I said I'm in front of a television all day earlier so don't blame me if I watch quality televsion.  Oh at this point Billy and Jennifer are talking to Max...like you care.

10th Picture: Tempation sets in and people visit the office and bring gifts.  Within a 10 minute period someone stops by with some sort of Vanilla blended fraposomthing drink from Starbucks and someone else brings us Salt Water Taffy from Cape Cod.  Snack Time!

11th Picture:  After work a short trip to Vons on Fairfax and Pico and then to GNC for some protein pwder.  Notice my Lean Cusine meals for the week.

12th Picture:  The freezer.  Meats to grill and dinners to zap oh and ice cream.  Nuff said!

<strong>This Months Bonus Picture:  BREAK!


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